1. Every trader needs their own strategy to be become dominant trader and mine is the IQD momentum strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm. Now after 2 year, I consider myself a decent trader who’s capable of teaching and answering most of the questions regarding day trading! The past two weeks I have watched my capital grow by making over 330 pips daily. I focus on the IQD strategy system because it works for me and I make over 4500 monthly when i'm consistent, all I have to say is find a strategy that works for you .

  2. Because the forex trades resulted from the pin bar trading give tremendous risk-reward ratios, a stop-loss being hit doesn’t affect the trading account. The beauty of using IQD Momentum strategy by (Lukasz Wilhelm) is that, with these method they form often. And, they appear on all timeframes.
    Starting with the lowest ones, and ending with the monthly chart. Few traders know that IQD Momentum strategy act as continuation patterns too. When forming against dynamic support or resistance levels, LUKASZ WILHELM's system become powerful trading setups.

  3. Just like if you trade against the trend movement, don’t expect the trend to suddenly stop and reverse on your behalf. It’s most likely going to bulldoze straight through your stop.
    Yes, timing is important. There are better times to enter Forex trends than others. To win in the markets, obviously we need to master three essential components of trading: sound psychology, a logical trading system, and an active risk management plan. I had two and getting Lukasz Wilhelm's trading system (IQD momentum strategy) just made me whole. These are like three legs of a stool—remove one and the stool will fall. It is a typical beginner mistake to focus exclusively on indicators and trading systems.

  4. chi shod alan? chio buy konim chio sell konim? chera? chand pip? az key ta key?!
    Best forex trading system in the world|99 accurate most successful forex trading strategy
    Chio dare neshoon mide alan? khodet in video ro negah koni mafahmi chi kio koja dare neshoon mide?

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