1. so – if THe RSI is slowly inclining whilst the market is also inclining even if the strength is quite high, say at like 80, would you suggest to hold and wait for a divergence to appear?

  2. For those who thought they understood are either lazy or bad at math, the equation in the video is wrong which would give you the result of a negative to 100+ number, the correct equation is:

    RSI = 100 – 100/(1+RS)

  3. Your explanation is fantastic. You teach everything in a very good clear way but I highly recommend you to try to use Word or something like that for writing formulas and notes. Thanks a lot David.

  4. Sir are you full time trader right from the beginning or you switch your career? can you make a video if you switch your career and how you started? ….I am watching your video from India.. 🙂

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