1. …but your decimal place mistake apart (400 x 1.20 is 480), …your video uploads are wonderful, …educational, entertaining and gold in fact…. a must for people like me who are trying to learn this stuff… thanks bro

  2. I know fuck all about this which is why I'm watching your basics video, but I'm pretty sure that £400 x €1.2012 is closer to €480 that €408.

  3. I'm curious as to why all discussions of Forex trading seem inevitably to tie it to leverage and even high leverage. I've traded stocks and options and have always had a firm rule to never, ever trade on margin. I always keep enough $ in my account to cover a worst case scenario – and frankly I don't need much because I only short options (never stocks) and use defined-risk strategies when I do. But now I'm looking at dabbling in Forex but haven't yet found a source that doesn't link it to leverage, even as it advises to use "minimum" levels of leverage – often defined as up to 10X!

  4. Hi, I'm new. Could you make a video to explain the android app For market, Limit, stop, stop limit and why you would use them. Any video seem to be for the desktop version and not the app, desktop seems more complicated. Could you explain the app version, laymen's terms! And then may be do a comparison. Cheers.

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