1. Interesting video 👍 ! I'm new to forex trading. I don't understand the benefit of a backtesting software. How is it different from a demo account? What do people mean when they say they can backtest faster with the software? 🤔

  2. Which software pulls news data, etc. Also, I'm looking to back test using price action only on multiple time frames at the same time meaning I want to be able to switch to the higher time frames without reloading data for that time frame . Which one do you recommend??

  3. hi im new to fx. i want to be good at this business. what is this simulator? can you trade even saturday or sunday for practice? do we need internet to run this? can this be run in offline? hope somebody can share their ideas. thanks

  4. Also, Soft4Fx simulater is better on price.

    1. However, will it do this one feature that I love about forex tester 3, and that is allowing you to see multiple time frames for a currency pair all on the same chart Ex: daily, H4, H1 and have them be all synced when testing?

    2. And also does it show you your profit and loss statistics as you go through the trades?

    3. Does it have the ability to save the session you were doing, move onto another one, and then come back to the first one at a later time?

  5. Appreciate the video Etienne. I have a question about Forex Tester and the monthly data. What if I got the subscription for 1 month, would I be able to download the data and then cancel my subscription so I don't have to continue paying data subscription monthly? Yes, I would only have data up to the date I cancelled data subscription, but I would still be able to back test all time prior to that period, and get the benefit of high quality tick data for just one month price of $29.99. Will this work for me? What do you think?

    Or is it that you cannot download and you actually need the data subscription to be active every month. Once you cancel you lose the data or it doesn't let you access it?

  6. After doing a lot of backtesting with a journal and excel I was looking for something to help. This video is exactly what I needed. Thank you, your videos are great to watch and very helpful. Soft4fx my winner.

  7. I had Forex Tester 2 ($200) and had some issues. I sent half a dozen emails and they didn't reply one of them so I wouldn't purchase Forex Tester 3 on principle .

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