1. Not just this, most of your videos are awesome and to the point. For those who don't do day trading often, would you please consider to make a video for longer time frames like weekly/monthly Pivot Points and with possible strategies.

  2. Nice vdo. For Daytrading, what settings and Timeframes should we use for the Pivot points indicator, especially in Tradingview. Also please tell the ideal timeframe for creating a stock screener with pivot points as criteria, for Daytrading purposes only.

  3. love the content…..it would be even better if some real profit is shown to us based on the strategy to prove its effectiveness….just a small suggestion 🙂

  4. Now i ve become a fan of yours. the way explanations, techniques are so awesome. I trade false breakout with Lukasz Wilhelm's Iqd momentum strategy technique, always easy and very profitable. find out on net, and read he's ebooks false breakout.

  5. The way I see is, if price action is above P pivot, the price most likely will go UP, if bellow, the price most likely go down. Wait for the price close the P line then trade in the direction…

  6. What if the price is hovering above/below the PP/S1/R1 or any other level?For instance, if the price is hovering below R1 it may breach R1 and head towards R2 or it indicates that it is acting as a strong resistance and the price may descend.

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