1. Trading is one of the most challenging professions, which also makes it so rewarding when you do succeed. The best strategy out there helping people learn how to trade on their own and earn thousands daily. I day trade with The Blended Model Strategy invented by a Russian genius Dmitry Vladislav ! It won't be easy at the early stage But it's worth trying at the end. Have a knowledge and be focus on your trading plan. Is good to know you can find out and read more about the strategy if you search for it on google.

  2. Can you program trader on chart, that it can calculate and place the stop loss above or below the given price point, independently the current price point?
    Lets say the recent high is at 100, the price heavy fluctuate between 70-85. I want the stop loss 10 above 100 no matter where the price is. Can you program it, that I can place the order 10 above 100 and its calculating 2% risk does not matter where the price is jumping?

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