Anyone tried their hand at Forex Trading?

I have spent so much time on Forex trying all sorts of short-term, medium-term and long term strategies. Sorry to say guys, after years of trying I have not found 1 strategy that has worked consistently enough for me to stick to Fx. I am open to ideas if anyone is killing it in Forex, but from my experience I totally agree with @tech/a , it’s a tough game and highly manipulated by the big banks, reserve banks and Governments etc.

You really got to be on the inside of the reserve bank board to place your longs before interest rate hike announcements and place shorts like no tomorrow before interest rate cuts

Now I just trade asx stocks with a medium term horizon and document all my trades here at ASF at:
Speculative Stock Portfolio

Also I have a few long term holdings at:
Medium/Longer Term Stock Portfolio

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