1. I loved that video and had to focus on what you meant by lower, lower low close candle and the example showed it as the candle that closes lower in the direction of the trend and it worked spot on as to your example ever thought it took time to reach the right zone for the take profit. Can you tell me what timeframe do you trade in? 5, 15, Hour or daily?

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  6. Jason thanks so much for these videos. I've been trading for a brief while and have been trying to learn the trade as much as possible to build a second income stream (slowly haha). I've learnt so much about my risk management from you, so thank you!

    I've been having a look through for the low lower lows etc and think I've got some good examples, I've used the techniques to plan out how I could have traded and will apply it to some demo accounts for a while until I'm getting it right. Mind if I ask what time frame you generally look at? I'm currently looking around the 1hr time frame generally

  7. My main method is the 400 moving average there really smoothen out the candles, enter your positions only when the 400 moving average is slanting in either direction when the 400 moving average is horizontal that means the market are consolidating.

  8. Hi Jason, I love the concept of the kill zone and using the Fib retrace that way is genius! I was wondering, do you go to a lower time frame to get you entry signal in the kill zone or do you say at the same time frame? Example: 4H time frame, do you swap to the 1H for entry?

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