1. Hi Adam. I have a question. But first i want to thank you for your desication in helping people, I dont know how you find time and energy to do that and that being said, you are one heck of a man! Anyway my question is, should I do back testing of your teachings and techniques since I live in the philippines and do my traiding on local market?

  2. I notice that using different time periods shows us different pivot points and thus different counter trend lines. How long of a time period before the confirmation candle do we use to identify pivot points? Thanks!

  3. Adam,can i get videos on top down analysis(using the higher time to make enteries on the lower timeframe),i know when i get ur video on that,i will undetstand it well. top down analysis is a problem for me. Help me pls. Thank you

  4. I just don't know how to call this man.Adam,in fact u are the best teacher ever. u always make this very simple to understand. God continue to bless u and give u more knowledge.

  5. Sir I could not understand the use of MACD because you you are connecting the swings in such a way that the corresponding MACD justify the rule . Then what's the importance of MACD over here? Everytime you are not getting the divergence, you're trying to create divergence. Then you can create divergence in anytime.

  6. Excellent and very informative video.
    I suppose this works also for continuation divergences ( hidden ).
    Adam, i see you used MACD as the indicator, i suppose it works also with RSI and Stochastic ?

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