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In preparation for my foray into trading i am tryjng to determine which software to buy. My approach will be primarily technical with short to medium term trades.

I’m looking at two products Amibroker and Insight Trader. By chance is anyone is familiar or have used the two packages I’d appreciate any advice on the better option.

I’m looking at these two packages as I have a very old version of Insight Trader and I can upgrade it for $280. A basic version of Amibroker is around $400 so not a huge difference.

I’ve been reading through the manual for each package and it’s given me a headache. They are both very comprehensive with 90% of features I will never use.

The benefit I see for Amibroker is that is seems to be more widely used and lot of information here with tips and advice. It also feels a little more intuitive to use.

I did use insight trader about 12 yrs ago so there is some level of familiarity but I’m not sure that The learning process will be any quicker despite this.

Appreciate any advice.


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