1. Watched some of your content and really liked it, this….. all potato’s, no meat.

    1 minute scalping is soooo many small nuisances that can be difficult to describe.. as Alfonso said, show live. Maybe use multi TF analysis. Asked off O/C of CS.

  2. someone on facebook said if I give her $80 she will give me $800 in ten minuets using Forex. She is scamming me right? Please help I know nothing about this but I want to learn. I also dont want to lose the $80 I am short on rent and need to make cash quick. I am not dumb I just dont know much on this subject. Thank you

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  4. Thanks for the video. For quick scalping on a fast market, I personally prefer looking at tick charts for entry (I like 50 and 80 ticks, sometimes 15 ticks on NFP etc.)

  5. Interesting stuff, like all strategies though, it's all about the exit…….where do you exit? Top of the channel next overbought/oversold signal? Let it run till it breaks the trend line?

  6. Hi, thank you for sharing your awesome M1 strategy with Trend line and stochastic 14,3,1. I want to know further, do you also consider candle patterns for your entry and exit momentum or only based on the opposite signal of stochastic ? and where do you place the stop loss position. Kind regards.

  7. I am using 5M, RSI 2 as my initial Oversold/Overbought indicator. I use Stochastics to confirm the entry for Oversold because sometimes Stochastics will show to wait a short time before I enter the trade. Then, I exit when RSI 2 is overbought. Again, I check my stochastics to see if stochastics agrees. IF Stochastics shows there may be more life in the trade, I push my stop loss far up.and I wait to exit until Stochastics crosses. In past week, I am getting more than an 80% win rate. Its been pretty amazing. Short, fast trades. Often just 40-60 pts. But the wins are adding up nicely.

  8. could use ADX 10 instead with 25 as jump-off horizontal with 50 SMA x 10 & 15 EMA.s price cross overs. ADX will tell you whats happening in fundamentals which is usually sweet FA.

  9. Also if you are trading a pattern then remember that patterns don't last forever, hit it two or 3 times max depending on how early you spot the pattern. This does not apply to all asset classes and watch out for those stop hunts! Good luck, i'm fighting my way back from a big loss and holding steady but at the moment it seems impossible to gain further ground.
    Strange time with the big forex markets at their pivot points!

  10. Watch out for big sudden moves (also , check whats going on in the economic calendar).
    Buy and sell the bottoms and or tops of these sudden big moves which can be anything from 30 seconds to 45 mins (or much longer if waiting for a weekend gap or adjustment gap) (if you can time it right). Perhaps start to wait for price to start coming back to where it just came from and watch price action, as price action slows the initial move is probably over, fast spiking will often signify the end of the sudden move and then it is time for price to bounce back. This can happen on any time scale but price action is the key to guessing the time scale.

  11. Not a great strategy… too dangerous to trade this close to the trend line… without consideration of main trend and bigger picture (not a fan of 1M charts anyways)

  12. IG Group UK owns the ' online Casino game called " Nadex " in the USA and the worlds scammer broker in the World " FXCM " Permanently banned when they got caught cheating manipulating positions of their clients in the US. just sharing some good news to save you time and money hehehe ciao keep learning !!!

  13. I do this often. Just need to check the overall range of the moves and make sure that the stock has sufficient range to cover your spread and manage the risk/reward well. USD/CAD the other day had some 150 Pip moves up that were making me lots of money in a true trend. up.

  14. I have a big question about 1minute and 5 minutes charts. What is best, just having only that chart in your screen or considering the slower TF picture? Lot of times when in the 5min chart I have to give up because of the larger TF picture confusing what is happening in the quick moment. And opposite of course. Any suggestion about? or is it just subjective ? (like many other things in trading actually are).

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