1. Sir this is Swapnil,
    I just saw your this video first time. I liked it very much and very informative….I'm new in the trading platform and need to learn as much as possible….
    Just guide me to how to start or how to watch your video serially….

    Please guide me.


  2. If you spot a divergence stop trend trading.
    Analyse the big boys. Why is the market chopping? (larger playing absorbing the orders).
    Making money Is about learning how not to trade
    Risk control
    Patient, and learn divergence.

  3. Still watching for risk control… understanding this, and when NOT to trade, I have not had a trade go to profit yet… I always hear Navin's voice saying, "The trade is not ready yet, The trade is not ready yet…" Still trying to figure out when to trade, I have the 'when NOT' to trade down pat… hahaha

  4. 38:32 There is divergence before and that caused the that mini sell off, then that huge spike up happened, and then another divergence happened. I would have probably sold on the first and then got fucked by that spike up. The million $$ question is, how do you know what divergence to play?

  5. I have a question at Navin Prithyani. I follow you at FXStreet.com and saw your weekly forecast for GBPUSD. How is it possible, that you expected at FXstreet.com a price for GBPUSD in the week before last week bearish at 1.27 (it went indeed over 1.3090) and now you expect it for this week suddenly bullish at 1.34? I would appreciate your answer regarding this discrepancy. Thank you!

  6. Thanks sir …you opened my eyes….I ve always trade divergence…taking the trade for reversal …and getting stopped out always…… because…I never knew the right method to trade it….. you're awesome….

  7. I just discovered your channel and wow what an insight. Very informative and explained in many forms for everyone to understand. I'll be getting the course after the new year most definitely!

  8. It is very surprising to me that people have been in trade for very long time and still they do not understand the price movement. Sorry to say that but I am not impressed with your explanation in this video.

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