1. Is Adam Khoo a scam or is he honest? ?? He claims that you can get 10-30% or even more return in a month with very low risk to reward ratio CONSISTENTLY! (in some videos he even says 10-50%). How can he do that?? Most of hedge fund managers do 10-20% a year???
    And you say that people who claims that they earn high ROI consistently are all liers. I dnt know what and who to believe???

  2. Last year I watched Adam Khoo's YouTube.
    His lesson is rich and good for experience investors. However, I don't know how to choose the right broker.
    This year I watched your YouTube.
    It is more information for newbie as me. I am lucky to meet both.
    Both are my favor tutors and mentors as well.
    Many thank you.

  3. Dear Karen, do you know you became my mentor? So as Adam. May almighty grant both of you long, healthy and happy life. So that you can continue to help people to be motivated and inspired.

  4. Great video Karen. This quote was very true and related a lot to me:
    "All the greatest things that I have today is the result of the worst things that has happened to me"

  5. Thanks Karen. I’m a new follower of your videos.
    Your videos gives me new perspective, drives and it’s motivational.
    I’m looking forward to more of your inspiring stories and learn new tips about forex and other asset classes of investing. Thank you so much for devoted so much of your free time to inspire 90% of us.

  6. Good day Karen! Kindly I ask you something.. Where did brokers get the money for there every client's withdrawing? Example, if all Forex trader's success there trading everyday and there whole life. Can every Forex broker's has a capacity to provide the money to everyone else in lifetime?

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