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  3. question plz??? End of day?… i am 2 hours ahead on the Uk, so is my mt4 platform. So what time do I take end of day ? when London closes or 12H00 local South African time?

  4. Very informative as I'm trading on the FOREX after attending a class on this market. The class talked very little about swing trading and what to look for, but this was great for me. Thank you.

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  7. Guy seems nice. It’s laughable though that he’s showing off his 1987ish convertible BMW worth $4k as if it’s a luxury car. Awesome. I’ll still listen though.

  8. The trouble is unless one has where to look it take looking at a lot of graphs and most of them are so slow mooving it takes hours for things to happen, its like watching grass grow

  9. A few questions: if you use on the 15 minute timeframe, does the anchor chart change? Would you count 15 price bars back from the trigger bar if used on the 15 timeframe? Do you count the pips from the top/bottom of the bar or from top/bottom of the wick of the bar when determining stop loss, TP and sell stop? Are the EMAs on the close or open?

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