1. Wow, I think I will apply how you start your trading Etienne. Look at Market Price (MP), then determine Support & Resistance (S/P), check out Price Action (PA) and finally looking for confirmation/confluence through Indicators (ID). I hope I get the this right Etienne hehe.

  2. Hi Etienne. Excellent demonstration. It helped me a lot to know that you are only taking around 8 trades per month. I thought I was doing something wrong because the setups on 4hr time frame are seldom, but I guess longer time frame = more profit opportunity. Its better to take a couple of trades per week and still make as much as you would scalping the shorter time frames. It only recently dawned on me how important price action is, but when you incorporate price action into setups and reach confluence with your indicators, there is a much better chance of success. Relying solely on indicators is a mugs game, you may as well just flip a coin.

  3. Hi Etienne, thanks for the concise yet super informative video! One question I have is when you look for an entry by looking for candle breakouts from Bollinger Bands, do you also trade with the trend (like for example if price is in a trending channel), so you only short or long despite candle breakouts?

  4. etienne how do u exit half the trade w rr 1:1 w a pending order and then have the pending order automatically change the second tp to 1:3 after first half position is close? im a lil confuse on the process. or do u open two diff orders w one rr 1:3 and other risk w 1:1 and split the lot sizes between the two orders. hope i make sense

  5. Hello. Etienne. First of all thank you very much for your Videos and your Podcasts.
    As English is not my native language , I would like to ask you. Could you please slow down the tempo of speaking? As it's sometime hard to follow.
    I don' t want to offend. Just a thought.

    So I give you a big thumbs up and thank you again for your Content. Very useful and educative.

    Greetings from Germany. 👍

  6. Great strategy backed up by the stats providing ongoing profit. Using your Trading Assistant simplifies the process even more. Trading can be fun and give freedom for other activities. Highly recommend Desire to Trade to put you on the direction with your trading!!

  7. Hi Etienne, Great video! Very practical and shows all that's needed to completely understand the trading system. I like that you confirm trades when all 3 of your conditions are met S/R, PA and Indicator – then take the trade. But I have 1 question.

    In your system when price hits your 1 to 1 Target, is your process to move your stop to Break even – so you no matter what have a winning trade at either Risk Reward of 0.5 if it hits your stop or R/W of 2 if it hits your 2nd target of 3:1.

    Or do you leave your stop where it is and just let it run, either take a loss on 2nd position meaning No profit no loss, or take a win for Risk Reward total = 2.

    You've explained everything but didn't give any info on your process for what to do with Losses and money management. I personally would like to hear specifically what you do, and if you a have a process that is the same and repeats over time. Or you use discretion?

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