1. Been a lifetime member of TRADE WITH LUKASZ WILHELM since November of 2018. I was not convinced that I can succeed as a day trader until I joined HIS COMMUNITY AND GOT THE IQD STRATEGY. Lukasz Wilhelm is the best!!! The learning support system you put together is priceless!

  2. HI I HAVE been looking your charts but I think you missed a simple but great method I want to share you will check if it works or not I have been trying it using a top down approach from monthly to daily it shows great results.

  3. I have send you a mail regarding course on 19th Nov, but yet to receive any response from your side. I am confused that if I'll buy the course would there be anyone to assist or not?

  4. Some brokers are not worth it to trade with they can only deceive one with rubbish strategies out of ones capital, Mr Frank Robert helped me with a great strategy and with a mighty software that actually works and to my greatest surprise he never demanded anything back from me, that's how real Broker/Account Managers do, they don't request for money to help. I pray that GOD Almighty shall continue blessing him for his good job.

  5. Hi Dale, love your videos. Super helpful and helps remind me to keep it simple! Just curious, what moving averages do you use in your strategy and do you just use them as confluences?

  6. Hi Dale, great video as always. I have watched all your video's some time ago. I have two questions for you: Why don't you use a trendline? I know this price action is very clear but for myself I do like to see that a trend breaks a trendline and retests a trendline. And my second question is why you don't have something as Instagram where you update a little bit about what trades you took or are watching to. First of all because I have learned a lot of your video's and want to see more, and second that it is great for you business/website too! Many many thanks again!

  7. i was in that trade, too.. but i jumped out too early — as i always seem to be doing — … that's my main issue. i can't let things run. well.. i get stopped out all the time because things reverse in a strong way. i'm doing something wrong.

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