1. Get your lots up or change system
    You know your doing something rite when you start earning 20%-40% ROI PER MONTH
    On 50:1 LvG robots are waste look for
    mid Tuesday or mid Wednesday lows or highs and target opposite way hold till Thursday or Friday sometimes you can hold for 5-6 days
    Most profits are on 4h or higher

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  3. I am not too interested in coding my own robots. I have read about forex trading over the past 2 weeks and want to purchase a robot. I have played around with different demo accounts, and think it is a good source of passive income. Which robots do you recommend if any? There are many out there and I do not want to buy one that turns out to be a scam.

  4. Is it necessary that once an EA is implemented inside the charts we need to keep the MT4 open with the charts open all the time? Or does the EA keeps running even when the MT4 is closed?

  5. Excellent explanation of trend following thanks.
    I don't know if technically this is trend following – I use 4hr consolidations and follow those breakouts.

  6. don't you think it's a little inappropriate to attached words like fun and exciting to trading? Trading isn't supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be profitable. The excitement that people get from trading is exactly why many people fail. If I gave you a boring, yet profitable system, shouldn't you just use it? dollar cost averaging in ETF's isn't exactly fun either, but it works. even playing poker is boring when done properly.

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