1. Forex and futures trading platform was my best interest i want to learn more as a trader, but it took me a whole lot of time, money, and focus and yet i could not have my desired achievement. trading is not always as easy as most of the expert advertise them on videos. There is absolutely nothing easy about trading! It takes an immense amount of time, emotional and physical effort, and repetitions. Trading is one of the most challenging professions, which also makes it so rewarding when you do succeed. I succeeded after so many years of hard work and losses. I wish i discovered (IQD momentum strategy) at the earlier stage of my trading career on google, i would have been more success and stress free.
    you can find this on google and learn from the developer.

  2. Hey I'm just pondering getting started learning Forex trading and hearing you lay out a timeframe like that really helps ground my expectations. I've subscribed and I'm going to now watch ALL your videos while I'm trying to learn this. THANKS!👍

  3. just started learning, thank you for being honest with the expectations and the amount of time needed in order to learn, unlike others that starts their vids like “you’re gonna be a millionaire” please post more for beginners. much appreciated!

  4. I thank GOD for this guy! Really a balanced, TRUTHFUL process outlined here. I do real estate for a living and was recently approached by a "MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING COMPANY" that wants me to pay $145 a month to join their "THING". Of course the "GURUS" drive Bentleys, etc, because they've made "SO MUCH MONEY" and I can become "JUST LIKE THEM" a few hours a day in trading. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I'm going to continue to watch your videos to get the REAL INFO. Thanks from Chicago!!

  5. Hello there! Thank you for that, that was very informative! I've been very curious about Forex for a few months now. It seems like you do have to put into it a lot of time and effort to learn the strategies properly, otherwise you will just end up losing money. Now my question would be, how much time do you need to spend learning about Forex, so you start making profits consistantly? I want to know cos I feel like there is 2 options, you should give it a 100% or not do it at all. Bare in mind, I have no financial background or technical background …… I'd just need a very rough idea. Also are you a full time trader or a part time trader, if you are part time, how may hours per week do you dedicate to Forex? Thank you so much

  6. thx for free info, after 6 months just kidding around the internet looks like i finally fouund some free good info (not only this video, something more). and all this sound like learning any "urban skill" like skateboarding or breakdancing, its a slow and painfull learning proces without real mentors or schools or defined ways to learn. This is the jungle!!:D

    thank you for the video.

  7. I am brand new and don't know anything about it!!! So far I like your video. I'm the very definition of beginner and I am so glad I ran across your channel. Blessings to you. If I had it, i would CashApp you right now!! lol

  8. Hey John! Hope you're doing well. Great video! I've been following your channel for a couple of weeks now. I'm new to Forex and looking forward to the next couple of years of learning. I am grateful to have stumbled onto your channel. I've added you to my list of go-to resources for my education and people I can get insight & perspective. PLUS! your channel is entertaining. You have an adventurous spirit…i dig that brother! Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  9. Trading with genuie brokers is awesome, I never imagined making $30k in less than a week.. Wow am on the move to $50k next week. All thanks to Mr Michael for his trading strategy and guidelines. I have never lost a single trade with him all because of his great strategy.

  10. Question Sir:

    Could you do a video on the range of performance of some of your typical robot systems, giving the number of trades per month, win / loss percentages, range of pips risked and returned. I am trying to understand how such a trading strategy works for you. Thanks

  11. Great vid! Execptionnaly well timed in my case haha!

    I was wondering something tho, doesn't trading software like metatrader has built-in tester? are they not good enough?

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