1. Maybe this could be a suitable place to ask. Why is forex so looked down upon? All I hear talking about now is futures, futures, futures. There is an obvious reason I want to trade forex. It is open 24 hours and the weekend is off. Suits me very well.

    Nice video by the way.

  2. Awesome. You are th best. I honestly mean you are the best for giving out this great information for free? if i have 10,000 plus, likes i will give all to you. you have opened my eyes to all i need to be a better trader. Thanks a lot.

  3. Do you make use of top down trading method where you do analysis on a higher timeframe and enter trades on a lower timeframe? For example, analysis on the 4H and entry on the 1H or do you do your analysis and entry on the same timeframe?

  4. Another great vid,very,very,informative as always. I use some of your methods,but keep getting caught in BULL & BEAR TRAPS,with high volition,I need such a large stop, can you do a vid on BULL,BEAR TRAPS

  5. Thank you so very much, this webinar has been very beneficial as it has changed me from a 'gambler' to a forex trader. The market now tells me what action I should carry out. Price Action is made so easy and is now my ultimate guide.

  6. Thanks so much for this master Justin, really great help for me..
    Just wanna ask, if there are some volatility news in the market will this affect this strategy?

  7. You guy, my guy. Its working. On Wednesday I watched just one of your video. Yesterday evening I went ahead and opened a couple of trades using what I had learnt from you. I am speechless. Been acing everything from that time until right now. Over 300 pips.
    Thank you man. Bless Up!!!

  8. Hey, thanks again for your time and effort making this video which helps for many people! For those even spacings I like to use quarter theory, many time market respects those levels, and many times those levels ligns up with actual S&R zones.

  9. Hi Justin, thank you for sharing this valuable info with everyone so unselfishly. How do you go about scanning the market to find the opportunities without spending too much time manually scanning? Do you use a scanner where you can specify using a selected criteria, for example pinbars ? Great work, Vanessa from SA

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