1. Thank you so mutch! I have a question, im new to Forex trading and i am having the following problem. for example, when i buy low and the price goes up and i have lets say 40 profit, when i move my stop loss under the profit with the purpose that when the price might fall i will still get the profit. but as soon as the price falls a little and hits my stop loss, while profit is still, lets say 38. stop loss gets trigger, i look at history and i have a loss. Does any one know of this problem? is it a bug in the demo maybe? please let me know.

  2. This is a really good video with realistic trading tips that if followed can lead one to success, but as a person who uses moving stops that are sometimes extremely, number 5 doesn't work for me. With that said, Thank you for putting out real info to help trader succeed as opposed to this flashy gimmicky stuff that only serves to further enrich the marketers who sell illusions of trading being easy as opposed to a fined tuned discipline that trading really is (^_^)

  3. Hi Rayner but it becomes very difficult to find trades when you have to widen your stops because you find less trades with greater profits than your stops. Thanks again much respect for you.

  4. Hey reyner I find a new strategie which is a combination of super trend,Aroon,macd,vortex . So far it's showing good results, what's your thought about this strategy ? We really want a video on this .

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