1. Really good advice there, just one thing about comparing SWING vs DAY trading. SWING trading is all about prediction and gambling and feeling happy that market went your direction and u got those many pips.
    Guys! It is not about how many pips you make, but how much is a return for the pip!!!
    If there is rules based strategy for day trading or scalping, then u are eliminating market predictions and so called gambling in trading, u know the direction of market, up/down trend, u r patient and wait for your rules to match and make a quick trade, and in this case u r consistently making profits without trying to predict those big moves.
    BTW Im writing this to myself, to finally wake up!
    Change your mindset – it is not about the pips, but how much for a pip!
    Good luck for everyone in trading!

  2. I agree with these points Im a psychologist and Ive been trading less than 2 years. I studied the habits of successful traders vs losing traders and I found that successful traders favor the long term ( use daily, weekly charts), they are patient, delay instant gratification, research and study 95 percent of the time and the other 5 percent they are trading instead of the reverse like short term traders. As soon as i made those observations i made those changes and the results showed. I look at all three types fundamental, technical and sentimental analysis and use tools like commitment of traders reports and divergences in central bank policies of the 8 major currencies. One thing i would add is that you can have a winning strategy but you must have the skill and discipline to execute it properly. Trust me, Thanks great video.

  3. I am a begginer trader on the olymp trade platform, i have been struggling to find the ultimate winning strategy, how can i figure out what works best for me?

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