1. actually a great video, i can agree an all points! started trading about 3 years ago and i also overloaded my chart back then. fewer good indicators over a cluttered chart is inportant. keep it simple. also the RSI OB/OS is absolutely right, nothing to add there made the same experience. my #1 tip is get a mentor, someone who is trading successfully for years and adapt what they do, this is also the best rule in life general to learn anything as fast and efficient as possible. learn from the best, get on their level then you can start to go your own path. theres many scammers out there but a few very good mentors for sure (and im not talking about the tradingview people, stay away from those clowns lol). so for me its

    1. get a mentor and do what they do, you will understand why it works on the way
    2. keep it simple (indicators, trendlines etc) the fancier the less likely it will work cause no one else uses it
    3. use real money. you need to get through all the emotions of fear doubt etc.. only that way you can prevent from going insane on bigger trades, trust me
    4. should come also from #1 learn basics before you jump on all the fancy stuff like elliott wave and fib retracements. learn all the patterns in price action, how to define risk (risk reward ratio) use stop losses etc.. price action is ALWAYS king before any indicator, so learn to read price action and when markets swing or top/bottom out

  2. Great vid! I had the gamble mentality at beginning, made a lot of money and lost it all.
    Now I focus on my strategy and work on earning small but consistent income from trading.

  3. Great video. I am about 3 years into my trading career and overall have lost money. I do well at times but lose more times than not mostly because of my own emotions. I can relate to all 6 lessons but I refuse to give up and know it is just a matter of time before I become successful. Thank you for publicly sharing your experience, it helps people like me realize I can make it as a trader.

  4. Dear sir, it is gem video real diamond each and every word is naked all time TRUTH. Sir what you learned after 10 years of trading i did it within 6months of trading loosing 20000 INR
    I have learned each and every situation what you have described here.All new comers must watch this video

  5. Nearly 2 years I've join Forex. However, the 10 lessons he talked in this video, I just ignored it. And that's why. Thanks to admin for this reminder. I'm very appreciate it. ❤️

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  7. I absolutely approve!!! After 8 years of trading, now my only indicator is SMA 200. Today I own a Hedge Fund company and manage millions of dollars of investors from Asia with using only SMA 200 and H4 Timeframe.

  8. Excellent video. Sooooo true & quite funny as well watching this after having done pretty much the same mistakes for a long time before figuring out the system. Overbought & oversold levels are the biggest lie in trading. Only amateur traders promote them because they read a few books & then think they are traders mentors. Overbought is a strong bullish signal which when correcting stays around 50 gives a strong buy signal & vice versa for oversold territory.

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