1. I'm really impressed by your amazing trading skills, it's been sucess always since I started trading under your management and I appreciate that a lot and also having you as my account manager.

  2. 90% of online traders lose 90% of their capital in the first 90 days. You need to invest some serious time in learning how these markets work, setting up a risk policy & limits to which you absolutely must adhere. As for options, really understand the drivers that affect the price: underlying assets prices, volatility, interest rates, maturity and, if relevant, dividend yields. If you just want to make money off an underlying, go to Vegas, have fun and out your money on red or black! This is basically binary options.

  3. cool advice thx alot ! what do you guys sugest for a beginner how havent done ONE trade ? I started to inform myself with one specific chanel but im not sure when to REALY start ! shall i do alot of training on software or just start trading with a very amount of money ? im looking for forex or penny stock

  4. 6. Patience is vital. Buying and Selling Mentalities are very different (greed vs fear). The market is not symmetrical in behavior, so try to avoid buying BIG at the top of a long Bullish run and selling BIG near the bottom of a Bearish run, because you will often be in a large losing position, before you have time to do anything about it. Wait for your entry signal and if it doesn't come, don't sweat it, regardless of any feelings that you may have missed out. There will always be another opportunity! Losing due to impatience is the #1 pitfall of most day traders.

  5. i started wforex with practice account in 2014..then i lost money in practice account..then went back to basics ,,did lot of researc..please dont invest in forex Unless u learn the basics first and start with minimum.thats what i did and in the begining i lost like 85 % of my money…was disappointed …then i started making money seriously like $ 1 a day…in six months made it back to my basic investment…was slow in begining six months,,then i start making like between $2 a day to$ 10 a day for next 6 months…remember i was still having loosing sessions
    after almost 1 yr i was making an average of 20 a day to like $30 a day..just a reminder never quit my day job…
    after 2 rs iwas making between like average $50 a day…its not that easy like people selling courses say…oh ull make so much money….
    the thing that worked for me was invest and stop loss at 50 percent and stop gain 50 percent…take breather…it worked for me may be not for u…please be honest for one time…and when i made profit i took 25 percent out put in my bank so my bills paid,,,walk like turtle…and trade like turtle…slow and steady
    after 4 yrs i quit my job as i was making almost $200 a day….still having loosing sessions ..i dont care as soona s im winning 80 percent of time ,,,im fine personally…as i dont want to be greedy and loose it all back…bow in 2019…im making like close to 400 a day…still loosing sessions,,,as i only need for my bills like 2000 a month…sorry i live very basic…and frugal…still save 25 percent and never touch it out of my gains…i have some friends who traded like bull…they made money like bulls,,,then fell down like bull…could never got back up,,,their ego ate them up…so no ego involvement in trading is my rule…my goal is that in 2020 if i can make average of 500 to 600 dollars a day…as i am donating to couple of charities (local) like 50 dollars a day now…any ??????

  6. great advice, im pretty new to the game and am still learning on demo and going alright partly due to the high demo balance and not getting closed out of trades.
    so was wondering if anyone knows of a demo platform that the balance can be changed? 100k balance is not realistic for me, I am more likely to start with a 1-5K balance, then it would be interesting to see if my trades would get closed out

  7. forex is simply all about buying and selling of currencies and commodities which you buy at a given price and wait for it to rise and then you sell to make good profit example: let’s say you buy Euro At a lower price of $20,000 at a rate of 1.0 and if it rises to a rate of 4.0 or 4.1 your profit will be high at the rate of 4.0 which your profit will be $20,000x 4 = $80,000 in one trade it doesn’t mean you can’t invest lower that such amount but this is an explanation of what it’s all about and how much profit you will make

  8. My best advice is , you doing it wrong when you invest more money in indicators than your trading account haha!
    Once you become successful you will realize how worthless a indicator are! stay away from binary options is my best advice and know and be prepared that its going to take you a while (months to years) to learn and develop a successful strategy don't invest real money until then.. suppress the urge until you proven yourself being successful . Good luck you don't know what you let yourself in to lol

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