1. My advice to beginners in trading before you start trading you need to have complete understanding of how the market works, you need to know when to enter or exit a trade…. This is what my account manager told me

  2. Excellent instructions, you have a professional level understanding of this fine classic indicator. As a small trader attempting to work from my home, I have always liked and tried to use the MACD to show confirmation. It works well when used properly. It has kept me out of bad trades and showed me good entries and exits. Not rushing in or out of a trade is the best way to protect your account. Thanks again Karen!

  3. I tried using the MACD strategy but i'm struggling with one thing. When I click the MACD indicator,it only shows one line which is the signal line but the MACD line doesn't show.Please help me

  4. Wow Karen I'm so happy and I'm definitely sure I will enjoy my trading from now on wards. I was very fustrated beginning of August 2019 when I lost my $10 000 in trading but with your videos I'm 100% sure I will crack this after 3 months of attending your videos (skills,strategies,analysis,risks,rewards)…thanks Karen.

  5. Hi karen,im a begginer in trading?where can you find a chart using a loptop?like what you doing in your videos,im using mt4 on my phone but i couldnt find all the indicators like the signal line and histogram?i dont know know how to set up those indicators using mt4 on my Android phone..pls help me,i want to use the same way you using on your video.cause its look like easy to understand..pls help me .would really appreciate…

  6. Hey Karen, first of all I appreciate all this information you give us for free. I have one question about the name of that other platform that you're using to illustrate the MACD. The one that's not the mt4. Thanks

  7. Hi Karen, Your videos are great I just started viewing them, and I think I will spend another few days just to complete all your videos. I think these videos will make me increase my profitability skills in trading. I thank you with bottom of my heart for all your efforts in helping people like me.

  8. Thank you so much I had a small account with oanda for some reason I would set my stops but for some reason I kept losing money past my stops I would tell panda and they would give me some bull about they don’t know what happened. Any can you recommend trustworthy brokers here in the United States thank you so much

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