1. I don't know men seems to work but it looks like you may have very few opportunities on a week, and needs to be watching to your computer all the time, I think that fro me at least this could be use more as a trigger than a strategy, correct me if I am wrong

  2. 5:46 You say you wouldn't use in normal trading hours? What you mean? No trading this in London + US Session? Or you ONLY trade it DURING these sessions? Please sort me out on this. Appreaciate your work

  3. Just something I thought you should mention, around the 4:00 mark you say you shouldn't pull the trigger cause it's not oversold enough, right, but it's a divergence, so that should be a sign to enter also

  4. I really wonder why these videos are published. There are much more instances where the RSI shows overbought and oversold but with the price not following the RSI at all. Beware !

  5. I'm really new to scalping… However Is it just me that is really affected by spreads? The difference of 2-8pips can have a huge effect when you're just looking for 2-10pips right?

  6. Great! Thanks for this. Falling short of more strategies in the 5-minute space. Glad you mentioned it to be quite pair-specific because RSI responds simultaneously but not as much in other pairs and especially if its already outside the 2 standard deviation.

  7. Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern referenced in the above system video reviewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HzqRFjcmTc
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