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  2. Good vid explanation. BB's are great. Double BB strategy can also be good for letting your winners run. I personally follow price action and use support/resistance levels with BB's, Volume and Stoch indicators on my charts. Only need a combination of any 2-3 of those for entry/exit confirmation.

  3. Hello….i think that after the candle touches the band ( upper or lower), is better wait until there is a candle in the direction to the oposite band, so the 10 pips stop loss became less reachable. What do you think?…..Good videos !!.

  4. Just a personal filter though. I always trade my pairs with gold beside me (when it's involving USD) as this is my way of assessing the strength of USD – especially when it's paired with EUR, GBP and JPY (the top 3 heavy weights in the US Dollar Index).

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