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  2. Thank you for your teaching. I'm a few months Forex trader and yet with no success. I see your videos while I'm in 2500$ losses in my account. Seems like you understand the struggle and the difficulty of beginner's and I learn from your advices in that point. Thanks.

  3. even though there is never a true indicator even the RSI isnt really working < i have noticed that even sometimes when certain clues occurs but it goes in different opposite way each time and no time < which increase the assumption of " trading is scam blind "

  4. Congratulations great videos! Very helpful for a beginner! Except for these videos can you recommend me some books for new traders about forex? Thank you very much, keep doing this excellent work!

  5. Thanks for the help. I am first month in, should be using paper money, started before i knew that was a suggestion.  started at 25k made 10k in a few days, beginners luck, I went big in when I should not have. I would loose 2k one day, make it back the next, break even another.   I was trading so sloppy but having profits to work with helped not feel bad.  I agree with everything you are saying. The worse thing that happened to me was reading STOCKTWITS that site is terrible, (you should mention to avoid it).  I ended up holding a stock while it crashed 40%, I froze, hoping it would bounce up again, i kept watching it fall. I didn't trade with Stops:( Now I am at 17k and i'm not trading well anymore.  Most my funds are bagging loosing stocks from being pumped too much, (i'm sure they will go back up in a couple weeks) I am going to sell half so I have money to trade with.  Learning on a bad day felt great, glad to have a lesson but after a big loose it stops being fun.  I plan to study and strategize and create hot keys, (stop trading from my phone app lol) and get back in, making back 9k doesn't feel hard as long as I'm careful and follow your advice.    THANK YOU< I will be sure to subscribe

  6. I fail to see the appeal of Forex… In the ES you can take just 1 tick profit and still make $8.50 after commissions of $4 and do it 23 hours/day 5 days per week, but how can you scalp anything with a spread that varies depending on the market maker's mood?

  7. As a successful trader, I stay away from Forex. There are too many variables affecting the price and with my solid risk management plan the most I could make would be about 20 percent in a year…that's not worth my effort. You would be better off trading the index futures as there are fewer trend changes and fewer factors influencing the price. Period.

  8. This week I had the best trades setup both in GBPUSD and USDJPY, the setups gave me more than 250 pips in both pairs, but what if I tell you that I managed to break even, sounds ridiculous right? Yes it is … I am moving from demo to live now, in this case the positions were on a live account. The struggle came because of working fulltime… not being able to to my trades development, I closed positions way too early I then tried to make up for it adding sizing. .. all over the place. What would ur advice be for those who still working and trying to make it in trading?

  9. I too have been watching every single one of these videos as they're efficiently making even the most advanced lessons brief and digestible. I feel motivated to watch knowing an invaluable is lesson is quickly at the beginning of the video. I feel validation of improvement with every single viewing and I thank you.

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