1. I used daily time frame and i usually do nothing with S/L coz' it may wipped out my all profit, but lot of patience just to let market breathe in daily time frame. These all taught me that a "margin level %" matters' most to survive volatility.

  2. Hi Karen, i am day trader, I trading gbpusd by moving average and macd, so my stop loss roughly will be 30 pips, but I got hard time to achieve risk reward ratio (1:2) which is my tp is 60 pips per day, so want to know if my tp can't hit by the end of day should I close my position or hold overnight?

  3. Hello madam,
    Kindly guide on how to create a position when most of the time market makes wild move after consolidation and then again goes into consolidation. These circumstances doesn't even allow us to wait for our set parameters to give a trade signal.
    Thank you.

  4. Oh fuck off thumpdowners. You know that icon has actually destroyed people. But not our friend Karen. Someway, somehow she embraces your ways of hate turning it into positive synergy. Me I can't understand your hate. Hope your bullies conquer you, or you conquer them and drop this madness of hate. The worst part. You morons dont even know why you hate. Conquer your own demons and bullies. Because you won't bring down this kid. BELIEVE ME.

  5. Hello ma'am I am following you're video everyday so nice
    I have a doubt I am investing Forex on Friday if trading is continuous on Monday or not otherwise Friday it could be closed I have this problem.

  6. Mostly I set my stop loss below or above the last major support or resistance at least 20 pips away from that region but I have never put into consideration all that you have mention above. I think I have to start putting that into my plans now. Nice one Karen. Can't wait for your next video.

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