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  2. i use the same strategy using 10 20 and 50 ema. i suggest using this method on higher time frame (4hr and daily) to avoid noise from the lower time frames. look also for price action and candle stick patterns such as pin bar or engulfing candles. 👌

  3. I would prefer waiting for it to come close to the moving average hit a previous resistance and then take long trade taking profit between 61.8 and 100% retracemnt of the leg moving down

  4. Money Management is the solution for range entry losses. You cant avoid trading in the range, you cant know when it start a new trend, sometimes trend starts inside the range, if you r not in it, you lose about 50% of the trend trades which with money management and good RR ratio (I use 3:1) your losers value are much smaller than your winners.

  5. it sounds to me like the crossover would be a good trigger, if all the EMAs line up (as in your example) – so you would have to wait to see if the up trend (as in your example) has established itself on this timeframe AND a higher timeframe (eg, 60 min), – so the trigger would be less subject to noise

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