1. All in all a knowledgeable video about a questionable strategy. I think you nailed it when you said "price action", check out Brooks PA videos. Creating so many rules and special conditions just makes the decision late. It is a little funny that you suggest the viewers to do their own backtesting. I have to ask did you do any backtesting before posting this and if so what were the results?

  2. Hi, Thanks for the video. You mentioned to enter long when the 9 EMA crosses both 21 & 55 EMA and after taking out the swing high on the left. Can you please let me know what if there is no swing high on the left on the daily chart in the past days or weeks or months. Appreciate your response!!!

  3. A 3 EMA Crossover strategy is the same as a 2 EMA cross strategy. In this example the 9,21,55 when the 21 will cross the 55 the 9 would of also crossed so the 3 EMAs is no different to 2. Also this is not a profitable approach to trading. Think logically if trading was as easy as Two moving averages crossing over nobody would trade manually and people would automate this and be successful. Unfortunately this is not the case because this strategy just does not work.

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