1. There's nothing like "risk-free", there is always a risk attached to trades no matter how minimal. All you need is good risk management strategy to ensure maximum ROI on each trade entered, I make 6 figure income every two weeks trading with an expert handling trades in my stead

  2. hello bro / sis you are legend superb trading skills 💪 I have some questions please reply with patience please
    1,are you Indian ?
    2,if you are Indian then please confirm me about legality of using iq option in India please
    3, trading in another currency will come into money laundering cases
    4, nothing that's it please reply if you don't have patience to reply please reply in one word or in two words thanks 😊

  3. I'd like to introduce you to the best strategy of all time, EMA ribbon strategy, with correct settings and usage of this Format, you'll easily plot out that when the ribbon compresses or flips negative it's actually the best time to trade.

  4. Hi, I don't know about your name, but this videos is really useful for me I had made 5.1 USD in a single day without risk and I have to mention my account size is only 27 USD, I want to suggest to add another Moving average of 200 to see clear trend direction

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