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  2. Excellent strategy! Worked for gold trade for me just now. Also amazing video, to the point, no why should you watch my video upsells and zero garbage. Total beauty!!! Thank you so much

  3. GBP pairs give more liquidity 1 hour can get you 60 to 75 pips it depends lol so just focus on these pair. Unlike the ones i trade AUD/JPY if CHF/JPY i made 30 pips im getting paid 25 to 24 pips make sense ? on GBP pairs you take it all !! you make 50 pips lets says 1$ per pip trade you take all that 50 $ = 50 pips. So yea just focus on few pairs ciao

  4. Reason to use this strategy in GBP/JPY: it's a very good mover and 20 pips is just a very small portion of the potential daily range. And yes, strategy best used during most liquidity sessions and mostly when price is clearly already on a direction. It's a very good strategy indeed.

  5. hinesights 20/20 but starting with the double top at 3:48 simple eliots wave analysis would have ruled out that trade that got stopped out because it would be counting on an extened wave which is rare, has the potential to save massive amounts of money on not getting stopped out.

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