1. Yes you can 'cut losses'… but add up those red arrows, match them to the green and count how much you ACTUALLY make. Doesn't become worth it after a while.

  2. Since I started trading crypto in 2016, I have tried various bots and whatnot, and my experience has been less than positive, in fact some have been downright negative but I did not give up. I kept trying new approaches and eventually I got connected to this group Champions Traders Forum (CTF), group admins handle the combined mining and algorithmic trading system essentially freeing my time to pursue other ventures. As a level 3 member I currently make 2.03 BTC every two days, 6 days a week. I'm so glad to be a member, all those long nights worrying about my portfolio has finally come to an end.

  3. Some good info, but don’t listen to everything people say about trading otherwise you’ll go broke going in circles. Do what works for you, buying higher highs and selling lower lows does NOT work for me.

  4. Here is one-


    If losing the entire account will change your life style than lower your account and trade size.

    If you are trading money you need to pay the mortgage (as mentioned in the video i believe) than you are trading too much cash.

  5. #4

    I would change that a it…

    Key is not to know EITHER ur stop loss or gains exit point.

    The trick is to have BOTH planned out prior to entering. I know thats probably what was meant, but the word EITHER can confuse some people into thinking you should have only 1/2 figured out

  6. Trading long term reminds me of all the different ways a pro sportsman can go fishing. Literally. You scan the area looking for potential catch. You used appropriate tools for appropriate markets IE you dont go fishing for deep see Grouper with 10lb line and small hooks. You plan your adventure, make sure u have enough fuel and water, plan for bad weather ect. You put it all together, have a plan, have the proper tools, get to the area check the fish finder (TA), spot the opportunity and drop the line and bait in….. Fish on. You let it run and see how it feels. Do you real it in slowly, is it small and real in fast. Fishing the market reminds me of real life fishing. Interpreting the environment, spotting opportunities, knowing the tides ect.

  7. Trading should be transparent i’ll rather leverage on the service offered by recommended experts in trading,i invest and earn with a financial advisor to achieve the best

  8. 32.They don’t spend 24/7 on the charts, mostly it’s just up to 15 to 30 minutes per day or maybe less just amending existing trades. Sometimes they don’t even open to look at their trades for days or even weeks or months. But they spend more time on their loved ones.
    33.They do physical workout regularly and live a healthy lifestyle.
    34.They don’t party or go the club.
    35.They don’t spend money more than what they’ve earned every month.
    36.They don’t watch porn or have a porn addiction.
    37.They can’t be distinguished easily because they don’t tell people who they are. The only 2 people who might know their true financial status is their wive(s) or their personal trusted accountant. (Security reasons) Finding one is like searching a needle in a shit stack.
    38.They meditate regularly.
    39.They quit searching for the “holy grail” so they pray to God. The “holy grail” belongs to God, in other words they are religious.
    40.They don’t sell balooney signal services or do bs paid coaching etc. What’s the point of wasting time and effort doing it if you already know how to trade and profit consistently. The real knowledge of trading are available truly free of charge and is scattered throughout the net. You just had to do a thorough research before picking any. The majority of others out there are just plain scammers. Shame on them!

  9. Thanks Dave for this very useful video. I just finished 6 years of screen time/as a trader and what u have said is almost 100% true! This vocation really tests one's discipline, patience and execution capabilities in addition to many more traits! Cheers

  10. That cliché that is repeated again and again and again that says "you prefer to be right or make money" which has other forms.
    It is from the logical point of view, a complete idiocy.
    To make money you have to be right. I understand what "the saying says". But to win a trade you have to be on the right side of the path and for that you have to be right. If you are losing, change your mind and the side of the trade is another thing.
    You ARE right after the event has occurred. You ARE wrong when the event has occurred.

  11. Great points and video!!! The psychological and emotional factors are so important, more important than any system IMO – because if we're not centered and we're driven by fear or greed we're not going to execute any system consistently.

  12. I chop trees for a living. number 7 is the same as no matter how many trees you chop down you are still nervous because there is always the unknown when chopping down something that has the potential to kill somone or smash property.

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  16. if anyone can explain the buy higher highs and sell lowers lows to me that'd be great because I keep hearing about this but can't picture how buying something for more and selling for less is profitable..?

  17. thank you for this wonderful videos i always leave trading for experts to profit on my behalf until i master the market just better i gain $20,000 weekly investing with pavil Conrad and learning his pattern as he trades on my behalf .

  18. This is a great video but.
    Unless you make mistakes and learn from it you will never master yourself
    The only way to make money is not to copy others to learn from your own action and mistakes simple

  19. I'm brand new to this and am going to take a number of months to research and paper trade, etc., before ever trying to fund an investment. I felt like there were a bunch of valuable pieces to take away in here. Being level-headed and sticking to a plan seems to me like a central key to follow through on. And cutting losses quick, while riding the gains for longer as well, although I'm not sure I'm clear on what it means to balance that with establishing levels for getting in and getting out. They seem like they might oppose one another. If so, I think it's something I'll try to get the hang of while paper trading. Anyway, this was very informative. Thank you!

  20. Screw ES futures. There is no edge anymore trading those things. You are competing with algos all day long. New traders, please avoid futures if you want to keep your money.

  21. 1. Terrible hit ratio.

    2.No you dont switch….you wait for your opportunity. Just cuz its intermediately bullish doesn't mean you wanna buy.

    3. Charts provide the areas of liquidity the market seeks. And provide specific timing turning points.

    4. Spot on

    5. After a string of losses the trader has to decrease the size and fish around. The very best thing is to wait a few days. Its probable that something else is weighing on their minds that they are unaware of.

    Nobody sits in front of the computer for 10 yrs. W/o trading.

    !clean charts!

    7. True dat!!

    8. Never give up!!

    9. Trading does become comfortable but not predictable!!

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