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  2. This is the best I have seen in my search for help for a total beginner. I now have the confidence to start with just two strategies. You have my gratitude and appreciation.

  3. Grrr. This is the strategy that I'm trying to develop. However, I'm upside down. It's worked for me before and now I've lost my edge. Can't seem to get a single trade correct. I'm commenting because even though this is a working strategy. I'm struggling on finding what I'm doing wrong.

  4. Worst strategy ever! Especially telling that to n00bs…..a whole bunch of people are going to run to the markets trying to pick tops and bottoms. Responsible thing would be to take this video down tbh.

  5. Really helpful to me as a beginner. I was wondering where to start. Regarding the pullback, are there any other key considerations? Does it have to be in the middle of important support and resistance? It wouldn't be a pullback if it was approaching a previous days high/low right?

  6. One thing I'm confused about is the impact of the order book on the market direction. When I started trading, 6 months ago, I had assumed that the order book would be a good indicator. If lots of orders to buy, then the price would go up, and vice versa. I was very surprised to frequently observe opposite trends. I'm not entirely certain why this is the case, but I have simply come to understand th as the order book is a non-linear attribute. I'd very much like to see a discussion of this. Thanks.

  7. All around another great video. Of course, very simple ideas, but the devil is in the details. It takes a while to figure out the environments where these work, such as noticing the impact of volume.

  8. “Your success will not be because of how much you earn when you win, but how much you lose when you’re wrong”. You hear of these people who lose 200k? Mark will teach you how to avoid that.

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