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Hi Trevor, thanks for the reply.

I also have held shares since the ‘old HDN days’, but for some reason didn’t think to check for a HDN thread when i was checking for AJM threads. haha oops.

If you haven’t looked at the company since your initial trade on it, i reckon you should have another look at it. I believe it is the most exciting stock in my portfolio at the moment.

The management is totally different to the HDN days. The board of directors are totally different people to the old HDN. All bar one of the current directors is an ex New Hope (NHC) senior, and hopefully i don’t need to give you the background of what those guys did at NHC (floated at 50c, now trading at 5 dollars…even after a 70c cap return).

As a result of the new management, they have cleaned out the ‘underperforming’ projects that the previous directors had left them with, and are building a brand new portfolio of projects including:

– 30% ownership of Iron Ore JV with AGO
– 100% ownership of promising lithium project
– 100% ownership of uranium projects
– Coal project in Indonesia

+ 20m cash in the bank

And it is no surprise (based on their backgrounds) that they are reportedly looking at additional Indonesian coal projects.

Anyway, that’s just a summary of my research if you haven’t been watching it lately.



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