1. wow this is insane, respect too the mad trades but my man this is the most degenerate / insane way to trade…without a stop loss is just stupid.. y would u put ur self through that stress? crazy

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  3. How is this a real account tho? Trading can only be done by age 18.

    Your real account is in connection with a Bank account. And bank account cannot be run by minors unless the parents have given them permission and the bank knows about it. Perhaps the latter?

  4. Ppffff, ppl are very dumb…. Tier of all this kids making fake videos about how rich they are and how they win all the time!!! Really man!!??? Come on, go SCAM your family!!!🖕⛔⛔⛔⛔

  5. I have my doubts this is real money. you have to see the future and be 100% on all your positions. And for arguments sake, if it were real money, that is a path to losing everything. multiple large of same positions with Zero risk management with lead to a loss everytime

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  7. My friend can you tell me please the strategy of this

    How i can get the entry to the market and how i define my TP
    What is the strategy and the analysis i must to do
    To get growing up in my money

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