1. you blow up all the tools…… hahaha okay there are manipulation of the banks and the end where you want to finish… always someone has manipulated something…and some people.. it is not bad that trade has rules to play the game… Look cryptocurrencies what crazy volatile have..because the banks are not there yet except bitcoin. and because that the investors final the don't lose their money to invest bitcoin…because banks are invested to bitcoin too..and banks are impossible to lose money…if my bank has gain why for me is important,the Banks manipulation Is something bad? or it is better to you follow their strategy for gain more…. do you invented indicators for bank s strategy?if someone want to trade he has accepted the rules…

  2. First of all I really appreciate all the free information you are giving us. But if I may, Im NOT asking for your algorithm. It's yours and yours alone. BUT as you said VP, there are over 2000 indicators. Now, I have to try them all to see if they work right? But that's not all. I have to try them all AND combine them together. Now that's a lot of potential tries and fails. BUT again, that's not all. I ALSO have to try them all, combine them together AND try different settings! LOL. So basically like 10 000 possibilities (at least lol).

    So I come from the fitness industry (im a personal trainer) and I help people lose weight or gain muscle mass. If, for example, a client would ask me what are the best exercises to lose weight, I WOULDN'T say: "well, try them all and see for yourself". I would probably give them a LIST of exercises that work and THEN tell them to try them because we are all different so one might work for you but not for someone else. My point is, I wouldn't let them try all the different exercises and combinations because chances are they will fail 90% of the time and if you really want someone to succeed, well, you guide them a little more than to say: "put all the work and try everything". I also owned a weight loss blog so I also know what it's like to give out free information.

    Im not asking for your algorithm. But yes, a top 50 or top 100 would be nice. Again, I will still watch all the videos and podcasts and do my readings/Homeworks. Success is what you make it.

  3. Almost everything that I have tried came up in this video. While my method does give me correct signals around half the time, I'd like to watch more of your videos and your thought process. I have come up with these set of videos when I was still starting out and would love to revisit them. This might be the key to increasing the wins.

  4. Im gonna tell my story i first knowed about forex in mid 2019 everybody was talking about imarketslive which is a company that charges 200€/month for 99% people forex education and everyone was talking about it because there were people earning comissions money etc like those “forex gurus”, I was so amazed with forex and everything but i always thaught why should i pay for such basic course like they literally copy pasted babypips.com in videos… I’m so glad I met you!! I would like to pay you a coffee some day. Cheers from 🇵🇹

  5. Impulse correcrtion… correction- where the retail traders involve.. impulse where the big players involve… VP priceaction works better than those outdated indicator

  6. What you talking about sir ?…no strategy is 100% and anyone who says he's got a 100% winning strategy is B.S ………as long as your strategy is over 75% at the end of the day,week or. Month you are laughing………
    S and resistance has a 83% winning strike rate ….b.bands has a 80% winning strike rate ….what you talking about?….sir does your secret strategy of yours not lose trade's?……

  7. Of course, you should never use Support and Resistance lines to catch the "big reversal" and what not, but one thing that will surely make your algorithm even stronger is by using it to avoid trades! If the price is sitting at the level do not place as banks are getting involved here to mess up your trade!

  8. I get where most of these are coming from but a lot of these things such as rsi candlesticks support resistance by the average trader buying into these they become self fulfilling Prophecies, there’s no denying support resistance works in my opinion as I know people who have done well using them and my practicing has showed they work so far. Also I think most of these points are invalid as long as you don’t have too tight stop,losses and take into account that the banks are gonna try stop you out if your too close to well respected support/resistance lines.

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  10. if resistance lines are easily seen and used by everyone thereby creating hotspots, wouldn't they be the ideal indicators to trade off of.. just like the banks do ?

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