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  2. There are millions of fake trading gurus on Youtube. They make money from victims more than in trading because they dont trade at all.

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  4. Sometimes I beat myself over why I didn’t know about forex early enough, but all still same I’m grateful I got to learn it either ways from the best you can get Mr Sanjay Otter, his trading prowess has led me to endless possibilities. I still do my trades with him.

  5. Ugh I can’t wait to get paid !! I wanna join your group SOOOOO bad. I’m only a day old in this forex thing & I’m TIRED of living paycheck to paycheck. This ain’t the life I want. I’m 20 BUT working under someone isn’t my thing anymore. Clocking in & clocking out isn’t my life purpose. I wanna travel this year too, something has to change. I can’t wait to join your team. I’m WILLING & READY to make this change. Ugh 😫 ! Lol wish it was Friday already, man. 😭

  6. Thanks bro… I do not have enough cash to run my personal account right now but I am presently learning your strategies of trading and just today after watching your live chat on chart patterns beginner tutorial and bollinger band usage… I entered a test trade on my demo account and I made 203pip and 180pip for both positions just today. Thanks bro… hope to trade with real money soon as I keep learning your strategies

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