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  3. Thanks for the great video but I have a question, in a buy trade we need price to close above bollinger bands, stochastic to be oversold then we enter on next green candle. Now am I wondering, do the stochastic need to be oversold for the green candle or is it okay if it has retraced into the non-oversold zone? Vice versa for sell orders.

  4. Another great clip to get some insight, I use keltner instead n btw while trading in the 5tf do u watch other higher tf charts at all….up to what tf or just focus on 5. Thanks for the great work.

  5. From my experience is much easier to make 10 points on Dow, than 10 pips on forex. The disadvanage is that Dow requires much higher margin than forex pairs. But to get 10 points from Dow is sometimes almost sure thing.

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