1. My take on all this Forex yahoos is that they are all trying to sell courses that are worth a crap. They are nothing more than Forex charlatans looking to profit from idiots that think they will become rich by buying this crap those so call gurus are pedaling. What they don't tell you is that they themselves do not trade Forex because they know the Forex market in the US is rig and traders do not stad a chance to make a buck when those scumbag brokers are stealing your money everytime you trade. Take for example FXZM, they sold it as the premium broker in the US and allowed it to ripoff thousands of traders by rigging trades in their favor or bloking winning trades so traders could not close trades until it trade went against them.
    Heve you all notice that all those scumbag gurus do not tell you who they trade with? That is because they don't, they are just trying to sell you wrrthless courses that they know won;t stand a chance in the real world with a scumbag broker and they don't care. My advice, forget about all these scumbags and put your money into a self directed IRA where you can choose the amount of cash that you want to invest in the market based on your risk tolerance. As far as Forex, until there is a body that enforcres the laws and punish those thieves with jail time traders don't stand a chance. It all looks good on paper but in reality its all a scam.

  2. Based on your strategy, opening trade on currency that is not on active session is not recommended? (ie. open USDCAD at Asian/EU session, open AUDJPY on EU/US session). Thank you Sir.

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