1. 1 percent a day, 22 percent a month, or 240 percent a year are more than 830 percent per annum when compounding. That means, with an initial investment of 5000 usd dollar, you are pretty much at somewhere around 1.5 million dollar capital within a time period of 2.5 years and an EA performing just like that, well… i doubt you are trading millions yourself.

  2. I like your style and there are some truths in this video. We live in a world of headlines created from averages. Averages can only be useful data in certain situations such as a person has ten shops and the average profit is based on some shops making money and some loosing so the average profit hopefully, appertains to one company. You cannot use somebody else's average to help you, even if its selling the same products. Adverts saying the average person saved up to 60% on a product is utter nonsense to an individual buying that product. To sum up, average and up to are highly ambiguous terms. I like a lot of the content in this video. regards Hayden p s I like your shirt x

  3. Hey Alex , I have been so confused with all these EA's that you provide, as one has to get the skills and also the time to optimize them ! I think the Time of Day Hedging EA would be a very good solution to all of these issues ! Thanks for helping us !

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