1. this EA js highly technically created to catch turning points and reversals.. amazing thing about this EA is on H1 and H4 settings if selected wonderful reaults from just 0.05 it makes 45$ which is in sane 10times from 0.1 it makes 85-90$ again in sane I am testing it free on T5 as I am a member of exper4x and alreadiy using make money Ea.. this EA u just set and forget after watching the instructions from Alex.. even when loss it just cuts off below 5$ and never more for each trade Master piece it is

  2. Hey Alex! I want to thank you, for all your videos. I have been a programmer for just under 20 years, though I"m not new to investing, I am brand new to Forex. in the last 4 months I've watched probably thousands of hours of youtube videos about forex, and yours have been the best. Thank you for steering me in the right direction! Your video on how to back test and optimize in metatrader 4 was invaluable and your EA's are awesome! I have written an EA that can take 4000 dollars to 77 million in a year using H1 GBPJPY, but HUGE down draws… so still working on it. one day I may enter your competition. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  3. This fantastic EA, you have many EAs in your website so is this latest EA is the best from your opinion? and is this EA takes divergence into the calculation or its just calculate the strong and the weak currencies?

  4. Why do you always use these on demo accounts, it would be nice and fair to show live account results since we won't be using these on demo accounts ourselves. I wouldn't have a problem if i intended to buy an EA only to demo it.

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