1. This video is in line with the best of the best courses regarding the use of indicators and over analysis. I must say I've never used Ichimoku and found it fascinating. I also REALLY like the 3 day signals. I've come to realise that courses I've done in the past were really very limited in scope. My perspective has shifted ! Couldn't thank you enough Fadie.

  2. Hi Fadie. World King ! You are really great. I am listening to these 6 videos as much as possible first to get an idea of the world of Forex as I am completely new to this arena. Also I am fascinated with your latest video on Porsche Design Tower. Keep on doing your good work World King as many of us in the world are getting immensely benefitted by your work. I just want you to never to feel that you are spending your time and effort in vain. Thank you so much for what you do for others free of charge. May you get back thousand fold of what you do to others

  3. I’m Loving your level of consistency. Once again thx.!! At some point, can there be a flow chart of lot sizes, risk reward, entry exit trade plan. Take your time as I appreciate the “WHOLE” of what your sharing. However I’m a visual, listening learner and need both to build the best confirmations of my study. While in your course all is implied, “I want to burn it in”.!.! As this all maybe apart of your up and coming plan. You asked for feed back, AND IM EXCITED.. lol. Your channel vibes well with me.. Let’s go.!!! Lol Thank Man.!!

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