1. Peace and Prosperity King Fadie!
    I am really glad to have crossed paths with you and I am SUPER EXCITED about this course!
    I am really happy to have you here in my ear sharing with me this life empowering knowledge, Thank You X 1,000,000,000,000 I am going to make you proud of me and I will be sharing my journey and progress with my video journal. See you soon!

    Your Eager Student

  2. Hello World King, thank you for your big and kind heart! I use to trade in FX in the past. I Had some wins, but at the end I lost all the money ; but you with your videos gave me the confident to start over. God bless you!

  3. Synchronicity is so crazy. I've been trying to figure out the trading game for about a year now trying to find a way to really just master the game. I've been watching your affirmations but never actually went to main page, today I did and I saw this. I''ve been meditating and chanting for my forex success , so I'm all in. Ima take this course seriously and have faith.

  4. feel it, much love, very wise. good motives + massive sharing= impressive path that allows riches while avoiding the karma of selfishness. thank you man.

  5. Hi Fadi . I have been watching your inspirational videos for some time and to me they are the best available. Thank you for this new training video series and although I am not a trader I am going to follow the entire training and I will become a trader as I have been waiting upon the universe to show me a path to success. You are a real inspiration to me and now you will also be my trainer and coach. By the way I am 65+ old and still eagerly desiring get my life changed

  6. Im brand new to trading. I have no clue about any of it. Im 46 and im trying figure out what to do after my divorce and being left with nothing. Thanks for the opportunity.


    I Will Release Day 1-10 Of This Course

    Monday – Wednesday – Friday
    (Starting October 7, 2019)


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